We can be our worst critics and we will kick ourselves for missing the mark, no matter how hard
we tried-choosing to overlook all the things we did well. Approval is a human need, that impacts
our self esteem and motivation. Sometimes, I can get hung up on the things that I have not
done so well. Replaying scenes of how I could have done better, how others reacted, and what
impact I may have had on others. Consequently, I may have a hard time focusing on my present
roles, losing valuable time and often not catching a wink. In practice, that’s not going to change
the cycle of life, time isn’t going to wait for me, nor is it going to reverse the past. Morning is
going to roll in whether I feel like it or not. I have to pluck up, haul myself out of bed and get with
the program.

My name is Eileen Thugi formerly Mwanyiky. I’m the author of the book “You’re Up.” I live in
Massachusetts, I’m married and have two children. Like many, we try to make an impression
and it matters how we perform. Our kids, spouses, our daily hobnobbing and just about every
time we speak or do, we leave an impression. I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist and as one can
imagine I spend time with many people, from all walks of life, and age groups. It’s a part of my
identity, but I’m not my profession as I’m my passion, values, struggles, relationships, and the
character I choose to play routinely. I’m a born-again Christian who takes the Word of God to be
more valuable than the wisdom, knowledge and skills any profession and education can offer
me. My identity is found in The LORD Jesus Christ and is a working progress, with the help of
the promptings of His Holy Spirit.

I have found one motivation, and one ultimate outcome, that can get me past my foibles,
humble me, and stimulate me to get up each morning and do it again. I’m living a lifetime
performance for the Highest Glory, not my own or anyone else’s. I choose to do better, think
higher, move forward, because I’m the very work of One who is high above everything I know.
Yet willing to admit my failures, He gives more grace, and the instructions on how to dust myself
up and get back at it again. You’re up each day you draw a breath, and every moment you have
an audience.You or those around you are the audience. My book gives hope and renewed
thinking of viewing our daily lives, routines, our encounters as a performance for a glory that is
beyond our own and others.

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